Our touch-sensitive LED panels make for an unforgettable, colorful, INTERACTIVE experience. Incorporate Sensacell's interactive LED modules into your walls, floors, and furniture to add a sophisticated modern design element to your public or private spaces.

See the Light

Responsive lighting systems make for engaging client experiences.

Sensacell is the new paradigm in cool, contemporary, and compelling public-space interaction.

Our easy-to-use LED lighting panels allow designers and architects, furniture makers and artists, to turn their creative concepts into atmospheric entertainment objects that stimulate people’s senses. Learn More.

Functionality Meets Form

The Sensacell experience is tactile, visual, and extraordinary. Yet for designers, it’s a simple, self-contained way to add a special aura to their art.

Intelligent motion-sensing technology, straightforward software presets, and a power supply are all it takes to bring auto shows, art exhibitions, galleries, and grand openings to life with dynamic LED lights.