About Us

Sensacell can turn your architecture and design projects into modern,
interactive lighting systems.

Company Overview

For architects and others in related design fields -- such as interior designers, furniture makers, and conceptual artists -- incorporating digital media features into their work creates more engaging, compelling experiences. Sensacell is creating a new paradigm for public-space artistic endeavors with our sophisticated, touch-sensitive, interactive lighting modules. Build them into walls, floors, or furniture surfaces and you’ll create something leading-edge and luminous.


Functionality with durable design and devoted support

We’re more than just a cutting-edge hi-tech design firm. We’ve been caring for clients on two continents long enough to know that without a durable product and dedicated customer service department, creative technology concepts won’t succeed. Have a look...

Interactivity is fashionable and fun. See how Sensacell technology turns art & design surfaces into contemporary participation stations.

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W3016-16-RGB is totally self-contained and as simple to deploy as any other lighting fixture, but with infinitely more possibilities.

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Installing Sensacell motion-sensing lighting panels is simple, and our intuitive SensaSynth2 software brings them to life at a touch.

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