It is a lighting system for creating dramatic and truly interactive architectural environments that meet today’s modern design expectations.

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The W3016-16-RGB module builds  on the success of the M3016-16-RGB product with a refined and expanded feature set.

The W3016-16-RGB with SensaSynth-2 embedded effects engine delivers interactive lighting and video effects that operate stand-alone, without an external controller. The SensaSynth-2 system creates interactive experiences that are defined from a set of simple rules and procedures which act on a range of visual source elements; colors palettes, videos, oscillators and random ‘noise’ generators. Sensors control how these visual sources are mixed, modified and displayed in real time, creating dynamic interactive visual experiences.

  • 💡

    16 RGB high brightness LED’s

    75 mm pitch, 24 bit color

  • 16 capacitive proximity sensor

    with enhanced electrode configuration.

  • SensaSynth-2

    programmable interactive operating system – with enhanced feature set.

  • 🕔

    Video display

    and interactivity capability, 20 Minutes total video storage.

  • Larger memory

    enables larger programmable preset repertoire- 200 Presets

  • Remote firmware upload

    via serial connection- entire array can be upgraded at once with new firmware via simple PC-based upgrade tool.

Illuminated surfaces that responds to touch.

New Module - New System

Sensacell Introduces the New W3016-16-RGB Interactive Panel Lighting System

Sensacell’s new modular interactive lighting panels combine LED lighting with motion sensing technology to create stunning interactive architectural lighting solutions.
Each modular 30 cm square wall panel contains the SensaSynth™ interactive lighting control engine that functions as a complete stand alone system; just add more modular panels to create surfaces of any size or shape. Combine designer surface materials with custom video and interactive behaviors to fully define your experience.

Main Features

  • 16 high brightness RGB LEDs. 75 mm pixel pitch
  • 16 capacitive motion / proximity sensors with 75 mm sensing range
  • Built-in SensaSynth2™ interactive effects engine – fully programmable
  • 20 minutes of 30/fps on board embedded video storage
  • 200 user programmable on board presets
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Reliable, easy to install
  • Simple wall mounting system
  • Compatible with 100’s of different surface materials
  • Low power – great for green projects
  • Minimal heat output

Easy to install

Form and Function

Installing and connecting the interactive modules is quick and painless using the snap-in mounting plate system. Surface materials are installed to the front of each panel, the finished panel unit then snaps into the mounting plate, providing a clean finished look with all wiring and fasteners neatly concealed.

Download manual.

Furniture Example #1

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