Noise Behaviors – Global Signal Source Parameters


Noise Behaviors

There are 2 discrete Noise Behaviors that can be used by any of the 6 Signal Selectors in SensaSynth2. Changing the parameters for a Noise Behavior changes the appearance of that Noise Behavior everywhere it is used in that Preset.The configurable parameters for a Noise Behavior Signal Source are explained below.




Changes the rate at which the noise effect is updated.



Mode Parameters

There are two radio sets here to choose from. In the first, you can decide whether the Noise Behavior algorithm incorporates random changes to the color assigned to the Signal Selector using the Noise Behavior Signal Source or whether the color more closely clusters around this color value. In the second, you can choose between two different algorithms to generate the Noise effect, experiment with both to see the differences. Mode B tends to update less quickly for an equivalent speed.



Usage in Current Preset

Shows where the current Noise Behavior Signal Source is used in the current preset. The six Signal Selectors each have a letter of the alphabet associated with it which is shown highlighted here if it is currently set to this Noise Behavior Signal Source. When this is unchecked, the panel appears as defined by the current preset. If any of the Signal Selectors are set to a Noise Behavior, changing any of the values here will then naturally show on the panel. If you do check the Override Preset toggle, however, then regardless of what the current preset has for Signal Selector A, the Noise Behavior is:

  • Assigned to Signal Selector A
  • The Color Engine used by A is set to full white (R255, G255, B255) so that there is no color gating (tinting) of this signal
  • The Color Engine used by the B and C Selectors is turned off (set to R0 G0 B0)

When you are finished editing these parameters and hit the Back button to go back to the Make Presets section, then this override is removed and the preset reverts to the settings in the current preset.