The W3016-16-RGB with SensaSynth2 embedded effects engine delivers interactive lighting and video effects that operate stand-alone, without an external controller. The SensaSynth2 system creates interactive experiences that are defined from a set of simple rules and procedures which act on a range of visual source elements; colors palettes, videos, oscillators and random 'noise' generators. Sensors control how these visual sources are mixed, modified and displayed in real time, creating dynamic interactive visual experiences.


Main Features

  • 16 high brightness RGB LEDs.
  • 75 mm pixel pitch
  • 16 capacitive motion / proximity sensors with 75 mm sensing range
  • Built-in SensaSynth2™ interactive effects engine - fully programmable
  • 20 minutes of 30/fps on board embedded video storage
  • 200 user programmable on board presets
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Reliable, easy to install
  • Simple wall mounting system
  • Compatible with 100's of different surface materials
  • Low power - great for green projects
  • Minimal heat output

Downloadable W3016-16-RGB
Spec Sheet

Take a look at the W3016-16-RGB specifications sheet, which you can download or print out a copy as well.

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