Section Overview and Sample Workflows



Establish the serial connection with your Sensacell panel.

Play Preset

Browse currently uploaded presets or explore pre-made presets or preset collections

Upload Video

Select a QuickTime-compatible file and upload it to your panel.

Make Preset

Choose, mix, and configure signal sources and define interactive behaviors.

Sequence Presets

Select and order groups of presets and define conditions for transitions

Panel Configuration Options

Change certain global settings on your Sensacell panel. Enable/disable Dial-A-Preset and Contact Closure, Perform a Factory Reset, among other things.

Sample Workflows

Depending on your needs and predisposition, SensaSynth2 can be a simple tool to manage pre-made Presets or you can delve deeper into the intricacies and possibilities of authoring your own visual content and interactive behaviors. Below are some workflows defined by which of the Main Sections each category of user would use.

User: “I’m just getting started and looking around”

SS2 Sections Used: Connect -> Play Presets

The simplest way to use SensaSynth2 is to stick to these two sections. After establishing the serial connection to your panel, go to Play Presets and use it to upload individual Presets (.ssp files) or Preset Collections (.ssc files) up to your panel.

User: “I want to edit and make my own Presets”

SS2 Sections Used: Connect -> Make Presets -> Sequence Presets.

In its simplest form, you can do simple edits on any of the Presets you would open in the first workflow using the Make Presets section. You can then select a number of Presets in the Sequence Presets section, order them into a sequence, and then define conditions for transitions between the Presets. The next step up would be to really explore authoring your own Presets and Preset Collections using the full feature set of both the Make Presets and Sequence Presets sections.

User: “I want to see everything SensaSynth2 can do”

SS2 Sections Used: Connect -> Upload Video -> Make Presets -> Sequence Presets.

“Video” presets require the extra step of authoring specific motion graphics content for your Sensacell panel outside of SensaSynth2 and then uploading this content using the Upload Video section. You can then use this content as the basis for authoring presets that invoke the Video Signal Sources. Each preset can define 2 Video Signal Sources which have different start and end points and different frame rates, so that different Presets can have radically different looks by targeting discrete “clips” of video content within the uploaded video. Finally video Signal Sources can be mixed and matched with other Signal Sources to create an unlimited set of dynamic interactive visual effects.