SensaSynth2 software makes it easy to develop sophisticated interactive behaviors.

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Section Overview

  • Connect

    Establish the serial connection with your Sensacell panel.

  • Play Presets

    Browse currently uploaded presets or explore pre-made presets or preset collections

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    Upload Video

    Select a QuickTime-compatible file and upload it to your panel.

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    Make Presets

    The heart of the SensaSynth2 program, this section provides the interface to the SensaSynth2 Behavior Engine – all the visual and interactive parameters that constitute a preset. Choose, mix, and configure signal sources and define interactive behaviors. Make new Presets, open and edit existing ones – see your changes live on your Sensacell panel while you work.

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    Sequence Presets

    Select and order groups of Presets and define conditions for transitions. Upload a sequence of Presets to your Sensacell panel for standalone playback or save them as a Preset Collection.

  • Configuration Pages

    Change certain global settings on your Sensacell panel. Enable/disable Dial-A-Preset and Contact Closure, Perform a Factory Reset, among other things.

SensaSynth2 is a new way to create interactive content.


  • You can use SensaSynth2 to easily view, make, edit and upload Presets, which are files that designate values for all the parameters and options available to the Behavior Engine embedded in a microprocessor on each module.
  • The new W3016-16-RGB module’s most exciting new feature is the ability to upload up to 40,000 frames of video (22 minutes at 30 fps) to Flash Memory on the module, for “standalone” playback that requires no control system. Once video frames are uploaded, you can author presets that use this video at any frame rate up to 75 fps, have different start frames and end frames (so that different presets can access different portions of the uploaded video), and colorize or layer the video with the other interactive and visual effects available in SensaSynth2.

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