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SensaSynth2 User Guide


Interactivity is the core of the Sensacell system. SensaSynth2 is a software application that gives you the tools to program and define this interactivity when configuring Sensacell interactive lighting panels using our newest interactive LED module: the W3016-16-RGB. The SensaSynth2 application allows the user to upload custom video content, as well as edit or define visual effects and interactive behaviors that are then stored inside each W3016-16-RGB module for stand-alone operation. The capabilities and features of both this new module and the SensaSynth2 software have been greatly expanded and enhanced to allow you to explore an exciting new range of interactive effects and options.


Hundreds of changes have been made to the physical module, the embedded electronics and firmware and the configuration software. Go to this section to see some of the new features of SensaSynth2 that exploit these changes.


What you need to get started using SensaSynth2.


SensaSynth2 can be used in a simple way to do some exploring with pre-made content or it can be used in a more sophisticated way to fully author content and interactive behaviors. Each of the main section tabs in the program organize a certain category of interaction with your Sensacell panel. The workflows in this section help break down what main sections are most germane to different goals.


To use SensaSynth2 you first need to make a physical connection between your laptop running SensaSynth2 and your panel with our SensaComm USB-to-RS485 Serial Adapter. Then you need to initialize the communication using the Connect Tab in SensaSynth.


This section lets you preview your Sensacell panel as it will run in “standalone” mode (without a PC attached running SensaSynth2), as well as upload pre-made Presets and Preset Collections.


This section allows you to upload any QuickTime-compatible file into the non-volatile flash memory of the modules in your Sensacell panel. Presets can then be made that play back definable sections of this video, alone or layered with other SensaSynth2 effects. Read this section to learn everything you need to know about displaying motion graphics on your Sensacell panel.


The core section for authoring Presets.


The final step for preparing a Sensacell panel for final installation is to collect all the Presets that will play on the panel, organize them in the order you like, then set the conditions for when they start and end.

For a quick look at the SensaSynth2 software in action, check out our user-friendly instructional videos.

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