Software Overview

Interactivity is the core of the Sensacell system. SensaSynth2 is a software application that gives you the tools to program and define this interactivity when configuring Sensacell interactive lighting panels using our newest interactive LED module: the W3016-16-RGB.

The SensaSynth2 application allows the user to upload custom video content, as well as edit or define visual effects and interactive behaviors that are then stored inside each W3016-16-RGB module for stand-alone operation. The capabilities and features of both this new module and the SensaSynth2 software have been greatly expanded and enhanced to allow you to explore an exciting new range of interactive effects and options.

SensaSynth2 Section Overview

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Establish the serial connection with your Sensacell panel.

Play Presets

Browse currently uploaded presets or explore pre-made presets or preset collections.

Upload Video

Select a QuickTime-compatible file and upload it to your panel.

Make Presets

Choose, mix, and configure signal sources and define interactive behaviors.

Sequence Presets

Select and order groups of presets and define conditions for transitions.


Change global settings on your Sensacell panels, perform a factory reset, and more.