SS001 - Overview

SensaSynth2 Tutorial #1
A look at the overall capabilities and work flow involved with using the SensaSynth2 software to design interactive LED panels using the Sensacell system

SS002 - Establishing A Connection

SensaSynth2 Tutorial #2
Establishing a Connection
Before you can edit or create interactive behaviors or display effects on Sensacell LED panels you need to first follow this procedure to connect to your panel.

SS003 - Troubleshooting Connections

SensaSynth2 Tutorial #3
Troubleshooting Connections
If you are having trouble connecting to your Sensacell panel with the SensaSynth2 software, take a look at this troubleshooting guide.

SS004 - Uploading A Single Preset

SensaSynth2 Tutorial #4
Uploading a Single Preset
Shows you how to download a “pre-made” preset from the Sensacell website and upload it to your Sensacell panel.

SS005 - Uploading A Preset Collection

SensaSynth2 Tutorial #5
Uploading a Preset Collection
Using a Preset Collection allows you to upload a sequence of presets in a single step.